Cellular Morphology Facade System

Cellular Morphology Façade System, by rat[LAB] is an algorithmically designed façade system that can be optimized for any climatic context and building typology, controlling heat, light and visibility in a space. rat[LAB] is a London-based design technology firm which has unveiled the design of the Cellular Morphology Façade as a building skin system that can adapt to multiple climatic contexts and building conditions.

In this prototype of the Cellular Morphology Façade, it is digitally retrofitted onto the S-W façade of a tower and consists of multiple unique components of a hexagon topology. The hexa-grid system is controlled through an algorithm that alters its density and attraction during the concept design stage. Six prominent functional zones are speculated as attractor points on the façade, which become the first parameter of control, while solar insolation analysis on the existing S-W façade becomes the second guiding parameter.

With the new morphology of this retrofitted façade, local angular variations are introduced that can redistribute sunlight in a differentiated manner on the building envelope. This can potentially change the way the building is heated up and gets daylight in its interior spaces. Light, heat and visibility of/from interior space can now be optimized per user requirements, adding a locally embedded intelligence into the new façade geometry.

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