Material Collection  


ECOR is an advanced environmental composite panel that is created by combining cellulose fibre with water pressure and heat. ECOR is 100% bio-based, recycled and recyclable, making it a cradle-to-cradle compliant material.

It has been C2C silver certified in 2018; the fibres in ECOR are sourced from old corrugated cardboard (OCC), old news print (ONP), office waste, agricultural fibres, and even bovine process fibres.

ECOR composite panels are lightweight, versatile, strong and structurally sound. They have a similar look and feel to traditional chipboard or plywood panels and are available in a wide range of configuration; from single and multi-ply panels to three-dimensional honeycomb structures. They are easily transformed into clean and healthy products for a range of applications and markets, from graphic design and signage, to architecture, and to interior design.

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