Material Collection  

Pyrasied, Faux Translucent Stone

Faux translucent stone is handmade and a sustainable alternative to natural stone. The material is chemically resistant and does not absorb moisture, but its most outstanding feature is that it allows the light to diffuse beautifully through.

The Faux Translucent Stone collection can be used to produce elements for every interior whether it needs a modern, Art-Deco or classic look. It can be used in vertical applications such as illuminated wall coverings, but also horizontally as bar or counter fronts.

 The material is lightweight and easy to machine and can easily be processed: sawing, milling, bending, drilling and bonding. It can also be used in applications that are in direct contact with natural fragrances, flavours, perfumes and drinks. This makes the material suitable for applications in the catering and retail sector.

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